The Dumb Bitch Test

Answer the questions below to get a score.
The higher the score the more of a dumb bitch you are

  1. Hooked up with your ex?
  2. Hooked up with your ex again?
  3. Got left on read for 5 hours or more?
  4. Kissed someone named Chad or Brad?
  5. Had a pregnancy scare?
  6. Simped over a boy with a J name?
  7. Overdrafted your bank account?
  8. Thought about being a sugar baby?
  9. Became a sugar baby?
  10. Gotten a fake ID taken?
  11. Came home past 4am and slept in your makeup?
  12. Drove over a curb multiple times?
  13. Went on a date just for free dinner?
  14. Made a private story just for him to watch?
  15. Locked yourself out of the house?
  16. Said you weren’t gonna drink then blacked out?
  17. Answered a “you up?” text?
  18. Sent a “you up?” text?
  19. Fully shaved when you said you were just “hanging out”?
  20. Had more than 10 whiteclaws in a night?
  21. Owned anything cheetah print?
  22. Kept track of his snap score when he wasn't replying?
  23. Tried to manifest your ex back?
  24. Turned down a boy who actually cared about you?
  25. Mentally committed to a boy who will never love you?

The Dumb Bitch Test

sorry to hear about ur diagnosis for further help pls dial 1-219-DUM-BTCH (srsly it works)
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